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[26 Oct 2003|10:50am]
okay, so me and travis broke up on the 17th of October, and i miss him, and i wanna be w. him and he hates me.

^ theres my update, BYE

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You don't know what you have till it's gone. [06 Sep 2003|12:39pm]
Well, i've been busy lately. Schools started. :\ It's alright.. highschools nothing to be excited about. lemme tell ya.. lol ~ well me and travis are back together as of like august 10th. :\ sorry i haven't updated in a long long time. heheh <3 i guess were alright.. we still fight and act stupid all the time.. i dont think it's ever going to change.. but oh well.. I just want things to get better.. it really hurts me~!@ and last night we hung out with josh and bekah together which i absolutly HATED because you know travis cheated on me with her a while ago.. and whatever and i just hate being around her with travis and like everything she'd say or w.e. he'd laugh at .. and i'd see him looking at her and it'd just make me furious.. but theres nothing i can do I guess.. im just over reacting but i still dont like it. And all i could think of last night was like when they were together.. and shit and what everyone told me and all that and i was just being soo stupid.. and id compare me and her together and say o well shes this and im not and he likes her more b/c of this and bla bla which is really stupid but yeah i don't know.. my feelings are still hurt i guess from when that happened. :[

but i'm guna go.. ttyl ~

[18 Aug 2003|11:11pm]
I taste the poison on your lips..

[07 Aug 2003|05:11pm]
travis and I, have been broken up since tuesday.. the world has offically ended :[
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[02 Aug 2003|01:23am]
omg, it's been a while and alot of shits happened. okay so saturday the 26th, i went shopping.. and then sunday for some earthly idea i have not one idea as to what i did... i truely don't remember doing anything. and then on monday i went shopping all day w/ my sister. and me and travis got into a fight that night and we ended up goin ona break.. bah and then on tuesday i went shopping again with mike and justen.. and then heather came over and stayed the night and then brian<333 my bestest brian ever came over. ive missed him soo freakin much dude.. and so then wednesday i went shopping with him. aww how fun right? (: so yep and then i stayed the night @ heathers and we went shopping on thursday with my mema and her moma. and then that night i got to see travis <33 it was sooooooo excitiing.. he was being such a little angel to me.. hehe .. sooo much fun. and then friday i slept in a little and got up and chilled with my dad sorta n' my sister n' stuff. and then i went shopping with danielle and jake. and i exchanged my pants, and i got a different size in my AE pants and u kno what ? THEY HAD A HOLE IN THEM!!! i was so mad, so i gota take them back again. It sucks so bad so thenn, i bought shoes + a belt.. ehehe then we went back to danielles and got ready and headed over to steve and amandas place. chilled there and then i came home.. and on the way home i saw brians truck and i was like omgggg thats brian hes in apopka so i called him and we talked for a while and stuff and then i called jake cus i was tryin to get a hold of travis i guess hes mad @ me? I duno. w/e so yep and then i called heather, and katie, and mike, and everyone.. lol i was on a roll.. *(: so yepp and now im juz chillen talkin to heather so im guna go PEACE
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[30 Jul 2003|10:42am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

This is Heather (: I'm at stephs house and i wana tell her i LOVE HER mwah xoxox love you stephii<33

i had fun and i missed you* xo cant wait till school starts wahoo! < actually i can wait, but itll be fun

<3 heather


you are the love of my life.. [29 Jul 2003|12:50am]
I can't imagine, any greater fear. Then waking up, without you here, And though the sun, will still shine on, My whole world, would all be gone, But not for long,

If I had to run, if I had to crawl. If I had to swim a hundred rivers, just to climb a thousand walls, Always know that I will find a way, to get to where you are, There's no place that far

.It wouldn't matter why we're apart, Lonely minds or two stubborn hearts. Nothing short of God above. Could turn me away from your love
I need you that much

Baby there's no place that far

and thats all i gota say about today :[

my life sucks and im ready to just die
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was every word you said a lie? [27 Jul 2003|04:33pm]
it's just another day that didn't go my way.. :| it's jus another day..

i'm not talking about "IT" so i'm not posting..

i love you.. make me an icon ;D <3

toodles ~
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omfg [26 Jul 2003|12:34pm]
okay, so me and travis had plans to go to the mall today [saturday] that we made like earlyer in the week because like all week we havent really been able to chill cus i'd be busy or he would be busy or something so we havent got to hang out for a while alone, and stuff and so we were supposed to go today, and last night i called him and i was sayin goodnight and he said that he had to get off the phone so that it wouldnt be dead and i could call him in the morning and wake him up, so i called to wake him up and he didn't answer so i got mad, and then i called his house and talked to his sister and asked her to beep him on nextel and she did and i heard everything he said and shes like hey stephanie wants u to call her and hez like bullshit i know shes called me like 7 times.. and shes like well are u gon call her and hez like ya and so we got off the phone and he called me and hes like what ru doing so we talked for a lil and then im like so yano what are we gona do and hes like all tired and shit and sayin why do u wanna go so early when hello its fuckin 12:00!? howz that early? and so im jus pissed off cus i wanna go shopping and he promised he'd take me so we could chill and hang out alone for a little while without his friends or without us doing sumthing yano.. and now hes actin like he doesnt wanna go so we get off the phone b.c hes tired and im pissed off and so i called him back like 20 mins later and imlike ok so what do u want me to do, do u want me to find another ride or do you wanna fuckin take me? and he's like well do you want me to take you? and im thinkin. wtf, u promised to take me so we could spend time together i mean HELLO? DUH i want you to take me. and so then i'm like ya i would like u to cus u told me u would, and then hes like ok ill take you but i dont wanna stay all day. and im like okay fine and i was like ok well i'll talk to you later bye.. and so yah and we hung up without saying ILOVEYOU, and he didnt call me back to ask why i didn't say i loveyou or to say i love you too me? see that's why i feel like he doesn't like me anymore or doesnt care anymore.. but whatever i feel like im fixing to get my heart broken in freakin half. but yano, it doesnt matter cus this shit always happen's to me.. and i was looking @ my calendar the other day and i was writen down when our 8th month n so fourh would be and i was thinkin yano were guna be together on our one year b/c i cant see one reason why we would break up, i jus can't .. and i was like all happy thinkin im guna be with him for one whole year, and then all this crazi shit happens, it makes me so upset, i jus want him to love me and me to love him i really do .. it makes me so sad :[ i think i'm gona die......
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sad news.. [26 Jul 2003|01:31am]
~ travis ~ okay so me and travis got in a huge fight and he said that he was guna leave me if i don't change!? cause supposedily he thinks ive been tryin to act like im his mom and that i've been telling him what he can and can't do.. and hes tired of fighting with me and all this bull crapp, so yah .. it was a really bad night.. and i cryed forever and like i jus layed there on his bed while he sat on the computer.. and i was jus crying away and he wouldnt even come over to me. .i was so freaking mad you have no idea. but w/e im jus over all this bullshit i jus wanna be happy and it doesnt look like im ever gona be happy.. grr, everything sucks...

~money~ i've got 215 bucks so far and my sister still has to pay me so i figure i can get alot of clothes and shoes with that money.. woo hoo :D hehe

~other news~ i'm going to start using my livejournal now and i doubt im guna be using my blurty anymore :\ sorry blurty fans. <3 haha ;D well i'm guna go .. peace out
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update [25 Jul 2003|12:20pm]
hey ; I've deleted all of my friends so if you want to be added, let me know and i'll add you back <3 thanks toodles

weekend [29 Jun 2003|07:01pm]
this weekend ~

friday ~ went to school, got ready went to travis's and then went to alex's party and came home around like 2 and then me and travis just chilled and he put me to sleep~ hehe
saturday ~ i got up early as hell and went to a cheer camp thing, it really sucked and i truely do not wanna be a cheerleader anymore.. I think that the three years ive done it for are enough for me! hehe (: after that my sister picked me up and we went shopping and we got stuff for my house. we got all new blinds, washclothes, rugs and we installed all of it and then they left, and me and travis were sitting there and my dad like never came home. so we jus chilled and he left. thennn
sunday - i got up @ like 8 cus my dad woke me up saying it was tuesday ?? i dont know where he got that from but yeah. so i ate some food and then i watched a lil t.v. and went back to sleep and i got up about 2:00 and ate again then i got ready and travis picked me up and we are here.. @ my memas house (:

* wow, what a fun weekend ~! lol notttttttt -- i'm gona go..

toodles <3
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la de da [27 Jun 2003|08:43pm]
wow, been a long time ~ mmm yah i'm really really bored and it sucks really bad cus it's a friday night and i'm jus sitting @ my boyfriends .. let me go kill myself now.. lol I mean i am so ready to like go out and chill somewhere, but im a freaking loser and yano ya i'm stuck here.. lol ~ i gota go, jus thought i'd let everyone know that i'm yano stuck here.. wow don't i repeat myself~*

peace <3

[17 Jun 2003|08:36pm]
ok so yah, i dont use livejournal anymore.. sorry, im sorta ova this thing.. but ya i might update if i ever even look @ this thing again.. sorry if this bothers you...

<3 stephanie
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mmmmmmm [02 Mar 2003|10:18pm]
yah, i really hate people some times. but oh well. We have Fcat tomorrow. woo hoo. not really. ha, well- i'm going to go. bye
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<33 [31 Dec 2002|01:05am]
ya ya ya, i'm still alive. I haven't used this thing in forever. So, let me fill you in. I have a new boyfriend. His name is Travis*! He's great and I love him<33* He's so wonderful you guys. Wow. -fants- You just don't know. Kristina and I are getting close. Jade and I don't talk anymore really. Maybe shes mad that I'm chillin with Kristina. I dunno. Weird. So, yah. Tomorrows new years. PARTY. I think me and some people are gona -chill at kristinas* :] Eep. I'm out.. peaaaace nuggah

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hmmm [11 Dec 2002|03:53pm]

{ yah, i haven't updated in hmm like 3 weeks. but oh well, nothing to exciting is happening in my life. as usual. Whatever! I'm gonna go though.. Sorry if i havent add you to my friendslist. i just haven't had time. Plus, it's a huge pain in my ass. sorry!


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* weekend * [01 Dec 2002|07:29pm]
WOW, i've had a crazy ass weekend. it's been so awesome!! Heres how it went. .

MONDAY = went to school, riped my pants .. came home. Went and got a cell phone for my birthday.
TUESDAY = went to school, then after school i went to the bank and brian called my cell and wanted me to come over and so i did.. and then alex, emily, and carrie was there. and we were all chillen it was cool. brett came over and stuff. then later on we all left. and me, alex,evan, brian, and brett went riding around town. and they stoped and skated a little bit and when we were in the car me and alex like outta the blue jus made out.. cus i was puttin on lip gloss and hes like can i have some and i was like sure... and then like i dunno, we kissed. w\e. then we went to Bretts chilled, and i came home.
WEDNESDAY = i sat at home all day and then later that night they came and picked me up. And Jennifer was with us. and we went skatin and dairy queen. and then jus rode around and we met Jake and Josh at Albertsons and we were gona go eggin but changed our minds.. then we went to blockbuster got a movie and went to bretts. watched it.. took jennifer home and i went home.
THURSDAY= Thanksgiving. yay- lol. i chilled pretty much and then went to my memas and ate. came home got ready and then i went and met Alex and Brett @ The movies and we rode around, and went to josh's house. Chilld there for a lil bit.. and then brian and mike came over.. and then we left. and went to dairy queen to met up with Evan. got him and then went skatin. and Travis, Josh, Beka were in travis's truck. and then Evan,ALex,brian,brett and me were wtih brett. and Jake and his girl came up.. and we were all jus chillen.. bah bah bah. then i went home.
FRIDAY= I didn't do nothing. It was so boring. but i was SOO sick, it sucked!! I was supposed to go out.but i didn't cus brett was sick and couldnt drive. so we all just stayed home.
SATURDAY= My birthday!* how exciting. lol I got up. i felt so bad i hate bein sick.. but i just chilled.. and went to my game @ 2:15. We lost. but its all good cus were still 2nd in the state!! yay!! After that i went out to eat with my pops. and then to Alex's house and we [evan, rachel, kevin, brian, alex, me] all watched the game. and then i went home around 1..
SUNDAY= I got up, chilled. got ready. Went to publixs and then I went to my memas and we all went shopping and i got some clothes for my birthday. 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts. It's pretty cool. Pants are actully starting to fit me! im so happy! im growing. its amazing. but im still shorter than everyone!! :] oh well though. so thats been my weekend. pretty fun huh?! it was a blast to me!!

Me and jennifer are talking alot now. shes soo cool :) ehe. and Kati sent me a birthday present from Ft.myers. I cant wait to get it. * shes such a sweetie!! i LoVe YoU KaTi !! <33333 lol well ii'm gona go. laterrr. xoxo
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[30 Nov 2002|10:07am]


ha, howdy guys. whats been goin on? well, stephs birthday is .. when?! TODAY! yes, haha. it's awesome. I'm 14. wow - im super old now. hah- Well, anyways. I'm sick - it sucks. my thoat is like killing me and then my head is all stuffed up. Plus i have a game today @ 2:15. outside, in the cold. I swear. i'm gona leave or something i can not freaking stay out in the coLd. I'll get more sick and then i won't be able to like do anything tonight. by the way. guess who i'm going out with now!!?* |[ Alex ]| lol. yep - everyones like freaked out over it. which i think is stupid. and everyone says that like he hurts so many girls, but the thing is.. if they didn't fall inlove with him in a matter of 2 weeks and call him 24-7 maybe he wouldnt break up with them. i mean go figure?! :p but hmm. i'm gona go.. ill talk to ya laterrrr <33

Mwa (: x0- steph*
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ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE A GIRL [25 Nov 2002|07:12pm]



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